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One reason for avoiding going to the dentist is easily understandable: FEAR
Without dealing with the many reasons for this, we ask you to believe us:
You do not need to be afraid with us!
We do not treat anyone who feels pain.
We can give you a local anaesthetic with reliable and long-lasting effects, depending on the active principle…
.....without is hurting!!
Test this promise!

We are able to do this due to perfected techniques and state of the art materials. Further, we can employ harmless means to send you into deep sleep and experience the whole procedure as very pleasant before we start treatment (Analgosedierung).

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If you wish, we can treat you on certain days under full anaesthetic with our experienced anaesthetist. For you, this means:
Lie down, fall asleep, wake up, finished! If you like, you can listen to your favourite CD or MD during treatment.

Specialists for anesthesiology

Dr. Jens Brinke
Michaela Grunewald

Before treating you, we will talk to you and advise for as long as it takes until you feel trust in us. This makes it easy for you as a frightened patient to trust us!
And…do not believe we misunderstand you.
We take your fear seriously, as many patients who do not know our methods and possibilities suffer from it.
For our specialists, Goethe's message to Riemer in August 1810
has proved itself to be entirely true when he said:

" The whole world is full of poor devils who are more or less afraid."


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