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You want to know how much something is going to cost before you buy it - we do too!

This is why we always give our patients a cost estimate for services on request, so that they know what they will have to pay And so that they can plan.

As you doubtless know, there are statutory regulations on when invoices must be paid. We may, on request, grant 2.3 instalment payments. Our accounting centre even offers instalment payments as a service.

Just inquire!
If you wish, we can put you in touch with an established bank to finance more favourable terms if you would like to have more time for payment.

The quality, the durability, the good function and the perfect cosmetic appearance is the basis for the price of any work. It is no different in dental medicine.
If you wish, we can provide you with extensive information on the possibilities. After you understand the contexts, which we will explain to you in detail, you will decide on the quality of the work yourself!!

According to statutory regulations, members of the German national health system have a right to demand "sufficient", "sensible" and "economical" quality. You can get a service for that as well, but not the same kind.

We use the national health service to account for all services provided to members of the German national health service.

This limits the expenses for our patients and also confirms to the laws.

In the event of a proven allergy or other significant illnesses, the national health service will also accept the costs for a greater quality of care.

We would be pleased to speak with your health insurance institution.
If you have any more questions, call us or send us an email.

" There is hardly anything in the world that someone else could not make a little bit worse and sell a little bit cheaper, and the people who only look to the price will be the just prey for these machinations."

" It is foolish to pay too much, but even more so to pay too little. If you pay a lot, you lose a little money, that's all. If you pay too little, however, you sometimes lose everything, as the object you purchase is unable to fulfil the task for which you intended it."

" The laws of economy prohibit receiving a good service for little money. If we take the lowest offer, then we have to add something to the risk we are taking. And if we do that, then we have enough money to buy something better in the first place."

John Ruskin (English social reformer 1819-1900)

Private health insurance firms generally accept all services we provide apart from purely cosmetic work. However, for some time now, there have been a few insurance firms offering "economical rates". If this is the case for you, you should take a good look at your contract or show it to us to be absolutely sure.
If we are going to work for your benefit the way we would like to, we need a co-operative patient who has understood that you need more time for a good or excellent quality than for "average" services.
The reward for this is durability, perfect aesthetics and high oral and chewing comfort as well as sufficient biotolerance.

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