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This is what we are perfect in...

We can offer you a broad range of services in the extensive field of dental, oral and maxillary medicine:

This is why we spend several months each year travelling the world to attend important congresses, and also why we are members of all renowned institutions in our country of well-developed dental medicine in Europe and USA.

Each year, we travel to the United States to visit the renowned universities in Los Angeles, UCLA, the Harvard University in Boston and the University of Miami to continue to learn and develop our medical patents. We also take this opportunity to inform our foreign colleagues about our patient cases and our experience in our specialist fields.

We can offer you our well-founded knowledge and skills, combined with many years of experience, in the following fields:

Airflow (painless cleaning and polishing of your teeth without abrasive substances)
Amalgam exchange and amalgam removal
Aesthetic dental medicine, front and incisor teeth


Bio Tissue/Bio Tissue Technologies
Bleaching - bleaching of the teeth to the desired tooth colour without damage
BMP (Bone Morphogenetic Proteins) further information...
Bone construction with the body's own bones and synthetic materials
Bone splitting
Caries risk tests with microbial saliva tests by Prof. Dr. A. Winkelhoff, University of Amsterdam, NL
Children's surgery
Cleaning training
Consulting in word and picture with video demonstration and intraoral camera outside of the treatment chair and everything…until you have understood!!! Comprehensive and comprehensible!!
Dental Imaging - we show you how you could look
Dental hygiene consulting
Dental technology on the highest international standards from a master craftsman's hand with VIP service

Endodontics ( root treatment) on all teeth with high-quality techniques
Evening surgery
Financial consulting and contacting to established banks
Fluoride treatment for children and adults
Foreign languages in the practice: English, French, Greek, Spanish, Turkish and some Italian
Fully blind ceramic reconstruction
Function analysis and therapy - treatment of jaw pain and cracking and preparation for prosthetic care
GBR- techniques of a tried and tested and scientific nature
General dental medicine
Gold and ceramic inlays
Guarantee for all our services
Gum-free tooth replacement
Gum treatment

Halitosis - diagnosis and therapy
Implant consulting and therapy for each case indication, of-course also for people with their third teeth
Implantology as a focus of work with official graduation awarded by the two most renowned German implantological societies BdiZ and DGZI a many years of experience with all important systems
Implantation in all areas of the jaw with individual necessary augmentation techniques
Individual prophylactics according to Scherpf (Copyrightsymboleinfügen) with "Stay healthy guarantee" and professional dental cleaning by our dental hygienist for children and adults
Instalment payment
Kariosolv® -treatment
Knirscher - track treatment
Laser therapy
Low radiation X-ray
Material testing for physical tolerance
Maxillary surgery
Maxillary sinus diseases - diagnosis, minimum intensive therapy
Maxillary orthopaedics for children and adults - multi-band therapy with invisible ceramic brackets and invisible elements - special focus: aesthetic maxillary orthopaedics for adults - with MB ceramic techniques
Measurement and control of blood pressure
Microsurgery, microinvasive techniques
Monitoring (recording of your heart frequency, blood pressure and oxygen saturation during treatment for your and our security)
Multi-band treatment for children and adults

Narcosis treatment with experienced anaesthetists and wake-up beds
Natural dental medicine, medicaments
Nutrition consulting
Online consulting services (mail@aai-zahnaerzte.de)
Painless injections
Parodontosis treatment, painless
PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma)
Positioner for KFO, also as sport protection
Practice for people with special needs (Member of the Bundesverband deutscher Oralchirurgen für zahnärztliche Behindertenbehandlung)
Pregnancy prophylactics, dental medicine care during pregnancy
Preventative prophylactics
Professional dental cleaning (PZR)
Prophylactics - treatment for children and adults
Prosthetics immediate repair
Prophylactics programme with guarantee " Healthy teeth, all your life"
Recall " reminder service"
Recession technique (covering of exposed teeth and roots)
Reduction of fear in several stages of therapy and methods ( compare button "Fear")
Relaxed treatment with MC,CD
Root treatment on all teeth using high-quality techniques

Saliva testing - also to determine your caries risk
Sealing of fissures
Sinus base elevation, even in difficult cases
Snoring" - therapy
Sport - mouth protection
Stationary treatment
Synthetic material inlays, plastic ceramics, full ceramics and precious metal (gold)
Tempomaxillary joint treatment - track therapy
Tissue Engineering - Increase of bones and skin in the biotechnological laboratory - Bio Tissue Technologies
Tooth-coloured fillings
Tooth replacement consulting outside of the treatment room
Tooth replacement using biotolerant materials - precious metals, titan, ceramic
Tooth sealing
Veneers - fully ceramic blind plates to perfect your facial appearance
Wisdom tooth treatment with sedation or narcosis

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